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Both Drivers Killed and 10 Others in South African Bus vs Truck Crash in Zambia

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A South African bus driver and a Tanzanian truck driver, along with 10 passengers, tragically lost their lives in a head-on collision on Boxing Day in Zambia.

The catastrophic accident occurred around 11:00 AM on December 26 in the Kalwa area, approximately 7 kilometres north of the Serenje district.

The incident resulted in multiple fatalities and injuries.

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Involved in the accident were a Volvo bus, operated by Mukombe Luxury Bus Service, and a DAF articulated truck.

Rae Hamoonga, the Zambian Police Public Relations Officer, reported that the bus, driven by a South African named Thabo (last name unknown), was carrying 57 passengers from South Africa to Tanzania.

The bus, registered in South Africa, collided with the DAF truck, driven by an unidentified Tanzanian male.

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The truck, travelling in the opposite direction, was carrying seven passengers.

According to Hamoonga, the tragic collision occurred when the truck driver attempted an improper overtaking maneuver, leading to a head-on crash with the oncoming bus.

The impact was devastating, instantly killing both drivers and five passengers from the truck.

Additionally, five passengers from the bus perished in the accident.

Emergency services promptly responded to the scene.

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Forty injured bus passengers, along with two from the truck, were swiftly transported to Serenje District Hospital for medical treatment.

Remarkably, twelve passengers from the bus escaped the accident without sustaining injuries.

Both vehicles involved in the accident were extensively damaged.

“All twelve deceased are presently in the Serenje District Hospital mortuary. The authorities are currently conducting the identification process, postmortem examinations, and making arrangements for burial,” Hamoonga stated.

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