toyota tazz bluff robber

The driver of a Toyota Tazz emerged as a true hero when she fearlessly pursued a heartless robber who had stolen her precious handbag and successfully apprehended him — an act typically witnessed only in gripping action movies.

Adding to the drama, she used her very own car as an instrument of justice, hitting the evildoer in a spine-tingling confrontation.

The heart-pounding drama unfolded on CCTV as two menacing figures approached her vehicle at a boom gate near a petrol station in Bluff, Durban.

With audacious swiftness, they swung open the driver’s door and snatched her bag.

However, this was merely the beginning of their sinister plan.

Their audacious attempt to steal the entire vehicle met a thwarting force when a fellow motorist intervened, trying to crush their nefarious scheme beneath the wheels of their own vehicle.

Chaos ensued as the two criminals, gripped by panic, fled the scene.

One of them jumped into a getaway car, while the other embarked on a frenzied escape route through the petrol station forecourt, heading for the open road.

Nevertheless, the mugged driver, fuelled by unwavering determination, immediately transformed into a relentless pursuer.

Her vehicle closed in on the fleeing culprit, who raced desperately across a central island.

Then, in a spine-tingling moment of high-stakes drama, the inevitable collision occurred.

The vehicle struck its target with such force that the robber was sent soaring through the air, landing several meters away.

For a brief, heart-stopping moment, the Toyota Tazz defied gravity, gracefully touching down on the road below.

This electrifying showdown played out before the very eyes of the law, as police officers at the petrol station bore witness to the entire spectacle.

On social media, an outpouring of support for the courageous woman erupted, with users pledging unwavering allegiance to her, irrespective of any potential legal consequences.

“Very brave,” remarked one observer.

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“The harsh reality is she may face legal repercussions, especially given the widespread footage of the incident. South African law sometimes appears to protect criminals more than victims, contributing to our escalating crime rates. This incident could serve as a litmus test for our justice system,” voiced Ebrahim Ali.

Lt-Col Nqobile Gwala, the KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson, confirmed the recovery of the stolen handbag and provided details of the ongoing investigation. She stated, “The Brighton Beach police are diligently investigating a robbery case involving a 43-year-old woman who was targeted by two suspects.”

She continued, “The complainant reported that, as she was leaving the mall, two suspects forcefully opened her vehicle’s door, seized her handbag, and swiftly fled. In a bold and determined move, she pursued the culprits, ultimately colliding with the suspect in possession of her handbag.”

The 28-year-old suspect was apprehended at the scene and is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.