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CCTV Captures Serious N4 Crash Between Two Trucks at Schoemanskloof Pass

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A serious collision between two side tipper trucks has brought traffic on the N4 at Schoemanskloof Pass to a standstill.

The accident occurred between Joubert & Seuns and the Viva filling station this Thursday morning.

A security camera overlooking the N4 Elands Valley captured the terrifying moment when the two side tipper trucks, travelling in opposite directions, collided while navigating a curve. The footage showed the trucks side-swiping each other.

After impact, the truck positioned on the outer side of the curve came to a halt just a few meters away from the crash site.

n4 Schoemanskloof  crash

However, in a heart-stopping turn of events, the truck tipped onto its right-hand side, narrowly missing another truck which was following behind the one it collided with.

On the other side of this harrowing accident, the second truck involved managed to come to a stop without tipping over.

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At this point, the cause of this serious truck collision remains unknown.

n4 Schoemanskloof accident

As authorities work to clear the wreckage and investigate the accident, the N4 at Schoemanskloof Pass remains closed to traffic. Commuters are advised to seek alternative routes, such as the N4 Elands Valley, to avoid the gridlock caused by this incident.

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