truck rolls after driver forgets handbrake

In a heart-stopping incident, a truck rolled uncontrollably, smashing into parked cars after its driver forgot to engage the handbrake.

The shocking event serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safety measures, particularly when offloading or loading.

The dramatic scene, caught on CCTV, unfolds as the truck driver is engrossed in securing a tarpaulin, seemingly unaware of the looming danger.

Suddenly, the vehicle lurches forward, setting off a chain reaction of chaos and destruction.

Despite the driver’s frantic attempts to reach the door and halt the truck’s momentum, the force of the collision proves unstoppable.

The impact sends parked cars careening into a nearby wall, leaving a trail of damage in its wake.

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Instances like these underscore the critical need for stringent safety protocols in the transportation industry.

Some companies mandate the use of choke blocks to prevent such accidents when drivers exit the cab, ensuring that vehicles remain stationary.

The harrowing footage serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the potentially catastrophic consequences of oversight and negligence.

As investigations into the incident unfold, it serves as a sobering reminder for all involved in the transportation sector to prioritize safety above all else.

It’s not known where the incident occurred.