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CCTV Footage Captures Dramatic Log Truck Crash on N4 near Ngodwana

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In a harrowing incident, a log truck driver narrowly escaped a life-threatening accident as he struggled to regain control of his vehicle, resulting in a dramatic crash at the intersection on the N4 between Ngodwana and the Kaapsehoop interchange in Mpumalanga on the morning of Monday, September 11th.

The driver, remarkably, sustained only moderate injuries as the runaway truck ultimately overturned at the intersection.

Martin Jeffrey from Emer-G-Med reported that the injured driver was discovered lying beside the road at the scene of the accident.

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“Fortunately, his injuries were assessed as moderate. He received immediate medical attention and was subsequently transported to Mediclinic Nelspruit for further treatment,” Jeffrey stated.

CCTV footage, monitoring the intersection closely, vividly captures the truck’s approach at high speed, strongly indicating the driver’s loss of control over the massive vehicle.

The truck collides with the pavement and flips over, its momentum causing it to skid sideways in a truly heart-stopping sequence of events.

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The exact cause of the crash is not known at the moment.

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