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CCTV footage shows how defensive driving could have helped avoid crash

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Discussion – CCTV footage of a serious crash between a tanker truck and a bakkie which happened in February 2022 has been brought back under the spotlight as truckers discuss the what-ifs that could have produced a different outcome.

The video has sparked debate in truck driver social groups as the defensive driving skills of the trucker come into question.

Truckers are asking each other questions about how well prepared are they if something goes wrong while they drive.

There is no doubt that the bakkie driver caused the collision by failing to stop at a stop sign.

But, the argument has now been shifted to defensive driving rules which state that drivers should be always prepared for the worst, and like in the case of the crash in question, had the tanker trucker been prepared for anything, upon noticing the bakkie approaching he should have reduced speed.

Many truck drivers and other motorists alike have lost their lives because they did not practice defensive driving even though their actions were not illegal in the circumstances.

Looking at the trucker in question, had he assumed that the bakkie approaching would not stop, he had enough time to prepare to avoid hitting it.

One may argue to say that he is on the main highway and it was not his duty to avoid the bakkie but many times crashes have occurred because drivers choose to stick to their right of way and end up in crashes that they could have avoided.

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