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Cheating trucker pays the price after wife discovers side-chick is getting more attention

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Cheating is a very dangerous game in every sense because the moment the main partner discovers you are cheating all hell definitely breaks loose.

Imagine chatting to your side-chick while resting your head on your wife’s chest then she discovers that while she physically caress and take care of you, you are busy chatting with your side-chick. You are dead my friend, gone, finished!

That’s the exact same situation you place your truck and your cellphone. Both require 100% attention at their own time. When I say 100%, I mean you can’t do them both, yes, that’s what I said. You can’t do your side-chick and wife at the same time, never!

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Some think they are smart and try to split the attention to some sort of fraction, maybe a 90-10 deal or any other fraction. At first, it seems to work as you type, call or even watch videos on the phone while driving without any consequences. Another trucker was recently filmed watching cartoons while driving.

But lemme tell you, your wife (truck) knows that you are stealing her time but just giving you a chance.

Like other side-chicks, the cellphone doesn’t mind sharing you with the truck, it’s got nothing to lose after all. It knows it’s sneaking in the nose of the seemingly ignorant truck and it’s kinda aware of the risks involved.

When push comes to shove, she departs from your palm without notice (as shown in the video) and many a time, lives to ruin another life.

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When you look at your cellphone for 3 seconds then glance at the road ahead for a second, go back to your cellphone and continue that routine you are certainly setting up a massive clash of demands from the two.

If the truck (wife) gets annoyed by your actions you will certainly pay dearly.

The most funny thing is that, the side-chick disappears instantly upon seeing the main partner unleashing her wrath. The video at the end will show you.

To make this understandable to someone who is struggling to get it, watch the video as the trucker gives more attention to the side-kick (cellphone) while abandoning his duties with wife (truck).

SA Trucker used a wife as an example but in reality it’s any partner, it can be a husband or boyfriend. Remember, the moment you switch on the ignition, you are now married to your truck. If I ambushed you to get the message home, let’s ambush more people by sharing the article so we get the crucial message to everyone. Or you wish to see me apologised🙈

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The whole idea is we should just stop cheating our partners with possessive partners like cellphones. Remember the keyword is CHEATING, anything that requires your attention especially visually will ruin your driving carrier and life.

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