Driving distracted is one of the major causes of accidents on South African roads. From using a cellphone, eating, changing clothing while driving, and many other distractions but you would never think that a professional yruck driver would watch cartoons while driving.

Well, I must admit Dragon Ball’s thrilling action-adventure story and nicely exaggerated fight sequences can easily glue you to the screen. But, as a professional truck driver piloting a massive 56 tonne truck, your priorities at work should be on point – get yourself and those you are sharing the road with, safely to your destination.

Before I get carried away explaining what transpires with Whis, Goku, Gohan and the angry Chichi in the short clip, I will point out the dangerous actions the trucker did.

He is watching anime while driving – it’s impossible for your eyes to equally focus on the road and on the tiny screen at the same time.

He is using another cellphone to record his mischief which is another distraction to add on top of the first one.

If any of the cellphones falls, he is likely going to try to catch it which will cause him to lose control of the truck.

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SA Trucker urges fellow truckers to respect their jobs and avoid silly and unnecessary distractions that could cause accidents.

Warch the video below:

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