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Dashcam captures N2 crash involving 4 side tipper trucks near Pongola

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Four side tipper trucks were involved in a serious crash on the N2 about 40 km north of Pongola on Sunday morning.

According to Road Angels Traffic Information, the crash occurred just before 08h50 near Tshelejuba Hospital.

A total of four trucks, all side tipper interlinks, were involved in the crash.

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Dashcam footage has emerged online showing how the accident occurred.

In the 21-second video, the recording truck appears travelling at 88km/h but drastically drops speed to match the truck ahead of it.

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The driver realises he won’t be able to stop in time to avoid crashing into the back of the trailer in front of him and swerves onto the oncoming lanes.

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On the oncoming lanes, two side tippers are moving abreast as one is trying to overtake the other.

The recording truck gives no chance for the overtaking truck on the oncoming lane to avoid a crash as he heads straight for him.

The two trucks collide and goes on to crash into the two trucks being overtaken on both directions.

Dashcam captures N2 crash involving 4 side tipper trucks near Pongola
The 4 truck crash scene

SA Trucker could not immediately get information on casualties.

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Watch the video here.

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