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Dashcam captures passengers-cum-robbers hijack truck driver

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Video footage has emerged of a truck hijacking that happened last week which shows three passengers strangling the truck driver to wrestle control of the vehicle away from him.

The 6-minute 31 seconds video starts by showing inside the truck cab where the driver has three male passengers.

In perfect precision, the passenger sitting closest to the driver grabs him by the neck while the other one draws a gun and points it at the driver. The third passenger, sitting on the passenger’s seat, jumps for the steering, holding it with one hand while the driver is being pulled off his seat.

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The driver does not resist the hijackers’ efforts and he is pulled to the bed before he gets tied with some cable ties.

One of the hijackers opens his backpack and pulls out more cable ties and uses them to tie the driver while he lies on his bed.

The video continues, now with the hijackers in control of the vehicle and the driver secured on his bed. After a short while, the truck stops to pick up another passenger who seems to be an accomplice to the robbers.

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It could not be immediately ascertained where the hijacking took place and what happened thereafter.

Watch the video here

SA Trucker urges truck drivers to be extra-vigilant as the festive season approaches because at this time hijackings increase to meet the demand for goods.

Picking up passengers is very dangerous as exhibited in this video. While as a truck driver you may think that the little money you get from hikers may help you but if something goes wrong, the price is too high to even contemplate doing it.

This truck driver was lucky, if it ended well, not to be assaulted or even killed as in other hijackings some drivers have been left maimed or even killed. It is not worth it, just don’t pick up passengers!

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