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Dashcam Captures Terrifying Robbery on Trucker in Rossburgh, Durban

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Video footage of an attack on a truck driver at Rossburgh in Durban, has surfaced online.

The incident happened last night while the driver was following a queue to the wash bay.

As the night sky hung ominously overhead, the unsuspecting driver patiently waited in a queue for the wash bay.

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His face betrayed no hint of what was about to unfold, but a subtle sense of unease lingered in his gaze as he periodically scanned his surroundings via both side mirrors.

Suddenly, with chilling precision, the assailants struck.

On the left side of the truck, one of the criminals shattered the window and made a grab for the door handle, propelling the situation into a nightmare.

In the midst of chaos, the trucker’s voice erupted in a desperate symphony of threats while he desperately wrestled to unbuckle his safety belt.

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Panic surged as his attempts to unpin the belt faltered, but sheer determination gave him the strength to break free at the very moment the robber also got inside.

In a cruel twist, as the trucker attempted to escape through his door, he discovered yet another assailant lurking in ambush.

He was left with no choice but to relinquish his cellphone and clamber out through the passenger door.

With cold efficiency, the robber seized the driver’s bag from the bunk bed and swiftly vanished into the night, leaving the trucker shaken and vulnerable.

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The Rossburgh area, specifically on the South Coast Road, has tragically earned a reputation as a perilous hotbed for attacks on drivers.

Unsuspecting truckers who pause to grab a quick bite from nearby shops return to find shattered windows, missing possessions, and stolen cargo.

The list of stolen items includes tarps, wheels, valuable cargo and other things.

In light of these escalating dangers, truck drivers are urged to exercise extreme caution and heightened vigilance when considering a stop in this treacherous area.

The dashcam footage serves as a stark reminder of the intensity of the threats faced by our truckers on the open road.

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