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Dashcam captures truck crash caused by passenger distraction

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When trucking companies say NO PASSENGERS ALLOWED in company vehicles drivers take it for granted, turn a blind eye and still carry passengers just because the employer cannot physically see them.

It’s against company law but even in the presence of a dashcam, drivers do it.

As a driver, did you know that a passenger is a distraction that can cause an accident? Well, if you did not know, a real-life situation in the video below will demonstrate how a passenger may unintentionally cause you to crash.

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In the 43-second video, the trucker can be seen loaded with four passengers, one on the assistant’s seat and others on the bunk.

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The driver can be seen trying to reach for something at the feet of a passenger seated on the bunk.

As he struggles to reach for the thing, he fails to concentrate on the road ahead and the truck leaves the road and crashes.

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SA Trucker was not able to find more information on the accident to ascertain the degree of injury of the driver and his passenger however we saw the need for others to learn about the passenger distraction. Watch the video here

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