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Watch: Driver distracted by cellphone, loses control and flips truck

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Driving distracted is very dangerous for the driver and other road users, this cannot be overemphasised. Professional drivers such as truck drivers are expected to know this and take heed of the dangers.

In this dashcam footage, a truck driver is seen holding his cellphone while driving. It looks like he is typing a message or reading one as he can be seen looking at the cellphone and fir a second peeps onto the road ahead.

In no time, the truck leaves the road onto the left hand side. He quickly notices and pulls it back to the right but he loses control and it cut through the oncoming lane and overturns.

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A bakkie on the oncoming lane sees danger as the truck comes straight at him and he pulls out to the left and avoids a head-on crash by a whisker.

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The condition of the truck driver is not known and it could not be immediately verified where the crash occurred.

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