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Dashcam Shows Thieves Stealing Wheels from Truck at Middleburg Weighbridge

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Thieves have been caught on camera stealing wheels from a truck impounded for overloading at a Middelburg weighbridge.

The vehicle’s dashcam captured footage of the perpetrators disappearing into a nearby field with the stolen tyres.

The incident has raised concerns about the security of impounded vehicles and the safety of goods in transit.

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Dashcam Shows Thieves Stealing Wheels at Middleburg Weighbridge

Authorities in Middelburg have not yet disclosed the full details of the incident, but pictures of the truck taken after the theft show that all eight right differential wheels were stolen from the vehicle.

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It is unclear how the thieves managed to gain access to the impounded truck or evade detection by the authorities.

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The incident has sparked outrage among trucking companies and drivers, who are calling for tighter security measures at weighbridge impound sites.

The theft of wheels, which are a valuable commodity in the trucking industry, can have serious financial consequences for trucking companies, who may face delays and lost revenue as a result.

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