Driver filmed steering truck with legs on the N3, while overtaking

A video of a truck driver steering his truck with his right leg while overtaking other vehicles on a busy N3 freeway has emerged online.

The truck driver can be seen laying back on his reclined seat with his hands resting on the bunk bed.

His right leg is in charge of the steering wheel while the left leg rests on the dashboard of what looks like a Freightliner truck.

The truck is travelling in the fast lane and even overtaking a tanker truck. On the opposite lanes some cars and a truck can be seen approaching.

The truck driver looks so reluctant and not even caring a bit what could go wrong with his actions on such a busy highway.

This video surfaces just days after another one in which a truck driver filmed himself on the bunk bed while the truck was moving on the road driverless.

It appeared that it was also filmed on the same freeway. In that video, according to our source, the driver was demonstrating to his friends how the Volvo truck could go driverless.

He abuses the Volvo Lane Keeping Assist and cruise control to achieve his goal.

The driver moves the camera to show the truck doing slightly below 80km/h and he then focuses at the gear lever which is pointing at ‘A’ to show it’s in auto.

The video has gone viral on SA Trucker YouTube Channel.

With all the truck crashes dominating news headlines one would think our truckers have adjusted their attitude and behaviour accordingly to try and reduce them but these videos prove that we are still a long way to safe and responsible driving.

Coupled with unfavourable working conditions, this kind of behaviour exposes other motorists and the public to more crashes involving trucks.

SA Trucker urges all truck drivers out there to be responsible as professional drivers and not endanger the lives of innocent people and theirs. As taught in defensive driving, always anticipate danger when you are driving. This means you should always have ‘what if’ stuck in your mind.

It looks impossible that one can decide to drive so dangerously without a second thought meaning he had to suppress his conscience and proceeded to do it. Your heart always tell you when you are risking, listen to it and ask if the risk is worth taking.

Watch the video here.