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Driver films his truck driving itself on N3 freeway while he seats on the bunk

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Technology is not a bad thing in the hands of responsible people. Volvo Trucks’ Lane Keeping Assist technology which steers the truck back onto its lane in case it drifts onto another lane is one such smart innovation.

It helps the driver regain control in case he loses concentration for that one second.

Some drivers, however, exploit the truck’s capabilities and let it drive itself on public roads.

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This truck driver filmed himself seating on the truck’s bunk bed while the truck ‘drove itself’ on the busy N3 freeway.

According to our source, he was demonstrating to his friends the Volvo Lane Keeping technology.

The driver moves the camera around showing the gear lever on Auto and the odometer showing the truck doing slightly below 80km/h.

He also shows the safety belt clipped on the empty driver’s seat.

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It could not be established where exactly on the N3 it occurred.

At the beginning of the year, in Namibia, another truck driver also filmed his truck driving itself while he sat next to the driver’s seat.

His video went viral online and reached his employers. He was suspended. SA Trucker was not able to get the outcome of disciplinary hearing.

Responding to SA Trucker after watching the video, Rui Miguel Pinto, Marketing Manager of Auto Sueco, which officially represents Volvo Trucks in Namibia said the driver was immediately suspended by the board of the company.

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“We would like to share with you that the employee that is seen in the video, was immediately suspended by the board of the company, due to its irresponsible and unspeakable behavior on board of a truck that was (not) driving,”

“This kind of behavior does not reflects the values of the company and any type of safety behaviour or protocol, showing a horrible example for the job, for young drivers and for society at all,” Pinto said.

“Besides, this type of behavior does not also reflects a brand which is worldwide known by safety as Volvo is, where board of global directors is also very concerned, after having watched this video,” he added.

He requested that the video be deleted as it displayed dangerous behaviour to which SA Trucker responded.

Truck drivers learn from each other’s mistakes be it negligence or otherwise. This video and the repercussions he faced will be a valuable lesson for anyone who tries to do it.

It may also help your brand to counter such behaviour as it will always happen.

I see it as an opportunity for you to stretch your innovation prowess to device a way to detect if there is noone on the driver’s seat and make the truck react accordingly.

I say this believing that the Volvo Lane Assist is meant to help the driver not to autonomise the vehicle.

How Volvo Dynamic Steering works with Lane Keeping Assist

Volvo Dynamic Steering works together with the truck’s Lane Keeping Support system at speeds above 55 km/h. The system monitors the vehicle’s position using cameras.

When it detects that the truck risks driving outside the current lane, the steering is activated and helps the driver return to the intended direction.

If additional assistance is needed, the driver is alerted via gentle vibration in the steering wheel, instead of a warning sound.

Watch the video here

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