Durban driver and assistant jump from moving truck to escape from hijackers

A truck driver and his assistant are lucky to be alive and uninjured after they jumped from a moving truck to escape from hijackers who had forced them into the back of their truck at gunpoint in Kenville, Durban.

It’s alleged that the two were attacked by armed robbers just before midday on Friday when they were delivering bread at a local supermarket, Marshall Security reported.

The hijackers robbed the driver and his assistant of their belongings including their cellphones and bundled them into the back of their Isuzu truck.

The suspects allegedly drove off with the driver and his assistant locked in the back of the truck. The victims eventually managed to free themselves and kicked open the back doors of the truck and jumped out of the moving truck on Queen Nandi Drive in the vicinity of the Imvubupark Place intersection. Luckily, the victims were not injured during their escape.

Marshall Security received information about the hijacking, upon interviewing the victims they went after the suspects.

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“Members of our Special Operations Team responded to the last known direction in which the hijackers had been traveling and managed to recover the truck on Imvubupark Place in Riverhorse Valley, where it was found abandoned,” Marshall Security said.

The hijacked truck was returned to the driver of the truck who did not wish to open a police case.