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Emam Bux Meats denies rumour that zebra carcasses found in overturned truck were theirs

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Emam Bux Meats Wholesale and Retail have denied allegations that the zebra carcasses found in an overturned Hestony truck was destined for one of their butcheries.

Pictures and a video of the overturned truck with zebra carcasses went viral on social media and rumours quickly spread that the zebra carcasses were destined for Emam Bux Meats.

It’s alleged that later in the day, a message was shared on social media platforms claiming that the cargo was for Emam Bux.

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While Emam Bux admitted that they used Hestony to transport their meat, the retailer said there were other companies that used Hestony to transport products.

In a lengthy statement on their Facebook page, Emam Bux slammed the rumours.

“Emam Bux Meats is a household name in South Africa, supplying quality and affordable products over several years. Our meat is all Halaal certified and come from abattoirs that are fully compliant.

“A post, purporting that Emam Bux is selling zebra meat is doing its rounds in social media. The post is accompanied by three pictures, two of which are of an overturned truck bearing the name Hestony and the other of a load of zebras. The pictures are accompanied by a message warning people that Emam Bux is selling zebra meat.

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“Our company takes a strong view of this misleading post,” the meat retailer said.

Emam Bux added that the post was the work of a disgruntled opponent in the meat industry who could not compete with their prices.

Emam Bux then obtained a letter from Hestony clarifying where the zebra meat was headed to.

According to Tarina Klokow, General Manager Logistic Refrigerated Services at Hestony, the truck was loaded in Limpopo and was en-route to a client in the Eastern Cape when there were was an accident on the N12 near Kimberley.

“The post is malicious and designed to tarnish our good reputation in the market. It is nonsensical because the pictures have been grouped together to convey a distorted view,” Emam Bux said.

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