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Gantrans bows down to ATDF-ASA pressure, terminates employment of foreigners

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Gantrans has written to all foreign nationals employed by the company informing them that their employment is being terminated following disruptions by ATDF-ASA members at their Jacobs depot in Durban.

Recently, the ATDF-ASA has stepped up pressure to force Gantrans to offload immigrant workers which saw them blocking trucks and slow down operations.

In view of such disturbances, Gantrans decided to give in to ATDF-ASA demands and let go of the migrant truck drivers and other personnel.

In a letter dated 07 February 2023, General Manager Steven Ramdas wrote:

For The attention of all foreign staff employed at GanTrans:

RE: reference to recent discussions and current unpleasant events at the Gantrans facility which you are all aware of and warrants no further explanation.

Watch: ATDF-ASA members block off Bounnadonna Group yard in Hennenman

In the interest of safety and business continuity, GanTrans will be terminating the employment of all foreign staff in a phased process.

The principle of Last in first out will be applied throughout the different divisions. This will work in tandem with those that have withdrawn their provident funds. We will forward a list that will have the names and allocated termination dates in due course.

Assistance will be given to those that want to withdraw their UIF. Please note Gantrans values the contributions that you have made, and this decision is not made lightly, protecting life takes precedence.

We trust that you understand our plight as we do yours and again thank you for your cooperation in ensuring a smooth transition.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries in a structured manner. Ends.

ATDF-ASA Secretary General, Sfiso Nyathi, said it was a victory worth celebrating as jobs will now be taken by the rightful people.

“We are happy the company came to its senses and fired the foreign drivers to replace them with South African drivers. That is what we have always been fighting for and it makes us happy that there is little progress,” said Nyathi.

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