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I wanted to shoot to kill – trucker on Mooi River robbers

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The trucker who fired in the air to rescue another trucker who was being attacked by robbers at the Mooi River toll gate last night says the robbers should thank their victim for saving them.

This after he failed to get a clear shot and ended up firing skyward.

“If I had a clear shot, I would have definitely shot to kill but they are lucky because I feared I would shoot my fellow trucker instead,” said the angry trucker.

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The trucker, Sipho (not his real name) arrived to find another truck driver being robbed on the N3 at Mooi River toll gate and immediately jumped into action to rescue him.

He was following behind the victim’s truck towards Durban on the N3.

“I saw him pulling off the road and got ready for action, I know how dangerous the place is,” Sipho said.

“The place is one of the reasons why I bought the gun after all, back in 2018 they robbed me after I stopped to pee, since then I don’t stop there. But, if I do stop, I make sure the gun is cocked,” Sipho told SA Trucker.

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He said that he saw two men running towards the truck as it slowed down and indicating to stop.

“It triggered memories of how I was robbed at the same place and I thought to myself, today I get my revenge,”

“I quickly stopped behind his truck, grabbed my gun and jumped off to go help,”

“When I arrived, both suspects were in the truck attacking the driver who was fighting back,”

“I pointed my gun at the suspects, but my mind quickly told me, if you miss, you will kill the trucker then immediately I fired two shots into the sky,” Sipho said.

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The two shots saved the trucker as the robbers abandoned their mission and fled but one of them was not so lucky, he slipped and fell giving the drivers a chance to nail him.

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The truckers overpowered the robber and the cops arrived immediately thereafter to rescue him.

The victim, who has refused to be identified, suffered a stab wound on his left thigh.

Mooi river robbery
The truck driver suffered a stab wound on the left thigh. Photo supplied

SA Trucker advises truckers to only stop at truck stops or garages to minimise chances of being attacked. As for Mooi River, we have posted countless times when drivers were attacked there, some even lost their lives. Never stop there if you have another option.

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