Klerksdorp Shooting Update | Disgruntled Drivers Suspected to be Behind Attack

The death toll in a mass shooting incident outside the PLH Group recruitment agency in Klerksdorp has been revised to two from the initially reported three casualties.

The two men tragically lost their lives and three others sustained serious injuries in the shooting on Friday morning.

Initial confusion over the casualty count was clarified by Klerksdorp SAPS, confirming the deaths of two males and the hospitalization of three others.

Colonel Adele Myburgh of the Klerksdorp SAPS provided preliminary details, stating, “Two men were killed and three others injured when gunmen opened fire at a group of men on the corner of Van Zyl and Lombard Street.” She further revealed that among the victims, four had applied for positions as truck drivers, while the fifth was an unfortunate bystander unconnected to the group.

The victims, aged 33 and 26, were leaving the recruitment agency after their job applications when they were targeted by assailants.

The perpetrators, described as three gunmen, swiftly fled the scene in a Toyota Quest, leaving chaos and devastation in their wake.

While the motive behind the shooting remains unknown, speculation has emerged linking the attack to disgruntled truck drivers who may have harboured grievances against a trucking company associated with PLH Group.

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Reports suggest that tensions have simmered between the company and former employees who were dismissed, fuelling suspicions that this conflict could have sparked the violent assault.

Social media platforms frequented by the trucking community have been buzzing with discussions about the shooting.

Many commentators have pointed to the ongoing dispute between the trucking company and its former drivers as a potential motive, underscoring the need for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

As authorities delve deeper into the case, the trucking community remains shaken by the senseless violence that has claimed lives and shattered families.

With the search for the perpetrators underway, residents and businesses alike are left grappling with the aftermath of this tragic event, hoping for swift justice and a return to peace in their community.