Watch: Trucker Goes Berserk But Can't Beat Rock Solid Roof

In a viral video footage online, a towering semi-truck was captured wedged precariously between an offloading bay and a stubborn building structure.

The trucker grapples with the steering wheel, attempting to free his trapped rig.

What had enraged him remains a mystery, but his determination was evident as he revved the engine and maneouvred the massive vehicle back and forth.

With each attempt, the truck’s cab strained against the confines of the narrow space, its metal frame groaning in protest.

But the building’s unforgiving roof loomed overhead, an immovable barrier thwarting every effort to escape.

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The trucker’s resolve did not waver, despite more than ten futile attempts.

Each time, the freight container on the trailer collides with the structure’s roof, holding the truck in a vice-like grip.

The sound of metal on concrete reverberates through the alley, a symphony of frustration and desperation.

As the minutes tick by, spectators watch in disbelief as the trucker’s battle with the building reach a stalemate.

With each failed attempt, the damage to the truck become more pronounced, the once pristine cab now a mangled wreck, and the freight container showing signs of severe compromise.

The trucker eventually concedes defeat and stops trying.