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Labour Dept, SA Truck Drivers and NBCRFLI Meeting Update – ATDF to Register as a Union

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  • ATDF to register as a Union representing both unemployed and employed workers
  • ATDF to contemplate participation in the Bargaining Council as observers while they are in the process of registering

The Department of Labour and Employment has shared an update on continued consultation between Minister Thulas Nxesi, the ATDF representing South African truck drivers and the National Bargaining Council for Road Freight and Logistics Industries.

Minister Nxesi met with representatives from the road and trucking industries in order to develop a workable solution to problems in the industry through legislation and other means.


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Minister Thulas Nxesi presided over the follow-up meeting on Wednesday 5 January 2022, with the Truck Drivers’ Forum and the Road Freight Bargaining Council, represented by its Secretary, to discuss a long-term solution to the issues raised by ATDF, which represents truck drivers, and to attempt to prevent illegal activities such as road blocking.

This meeting follows the Minister’s commitment to Batho Pele through consultation and dedication to resolving ongoing issues such as the registration of forums into formal unions, collective bargaining-related issues, and the behaviour and attitude of some employers in the sector who are alleged of preferring to employ foreign nationals because they can exploit them.

The following recommendations, which have still to be evaluated by the parties, stem from proposals made on January 5, 2022:

– ATDF to register as a Union representing both unemployed and employed workers;

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– ATDF to contemplate participation in the Bargaining Council as observers while they are in the process of registering;

– The Bargaining Council will support ATDF’s contact with other registered Unions in order to identify common ground on issues affecting employees, an Imbizo will be held to examine issues affecting workers from non-parties, and ATDF will participate in the planned Labour Migration National Policy.

“Continuous involvement is crucial,” Minister Nxesi said, adding that “perhaps, over time, a solution will develop that will let ATDF have a voice in the Bargaining Council.”

We propose legal registration as a government so that all stakeholders can be recognized and have a lawful status as members participating in Labour Market concerns”.

The Department would like to emphasize that it is now consulting with social partners on the draft policy and suggested modifications to restrict and limit the number of individuals companies can hire from other countries, particularly in industries that do not require sophisticated skills. Following that, the draft policy and proposed revisions will be made available for public discussion.

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“We have signed legally binding international agreements and will ensure that our strategy does not breach such agreements,” Minister Thulas Nxesi previously stated. Whatever action is done; it will be consistent with the Constitution.

The Department of Employment and Labour encourages all parties to continue to use dialogue and engagement opportunities to discover effective solutions.

Issued by the Ministry of Labour and Employment

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