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Watch: Side Tipper Truck Disintergrates Into 3 Pieces In Serious N8 Accident

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A truck driver and his assistant have been seriously injured when their side tipper interlink truck left the road and crashed on the N8 near De Brug on Friday evening.

“VRMED responded at 17:05 to a report of a truck loaded with grain that overturned after a wheel had a blowout on the N8 close to De Brug,” VRMED said in a statement.

“On arrival crews found the driver and passenger with serious injuries lying next to the wreck.”

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The two injured men were transported to Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein where they are recovering.

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A video of the crash scene shows the truck and the trailers disintegrated to make three pieces.

The exact cause is yet to be identified.

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