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Lady hitch-hiker used to lure truck driver in the fatal N3 hijacking gone wrong

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While the hijacking went horribly wrong for the criminals, truckers and the public have noted with admiration the skill and bravery exhibited by the truck driver who managed to gun down two and scatter the other three suspects.

For truck drivers, who are often victims of hijackings, everything went on very well. Some have even suggested that truck drivers be trained to handle firearms so that they can emulate Wednesday’s hero truck driver.

Meanwhile, as details filter through, it has emerged that a lady hitch-hiker was used to lure the truck driver.

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It’s alleged that the driver gave a lift to a female hiker at Villiers while on his way to Johannesburg.

While on the way, the woman asked to be dropped off just before the R550 Klipriver/Nigel turnoff.

When the driver stopped, he was allegedly attacked by a group of four men. Two came from the passenger side while two came from the right hand side with one grabbing him by the neck.

The driver managed to reach for his gun and shot at the two coming from the passenger’s side.

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One of them died instantly, while the other managed to flee from truck. When the one holding the driver by the neck realised the danger he let go and ran away.

With the deceased hijacker still next to him in the cab of the truck, the driver made his way to the Petroport where he asked for help.

In no time, police from Heidelberg and Zonkizizwe, Medic 1 from Heidelberg Volunteer Medics and First Responders and members of AfriForum Heidelberg and Silver Security Group arrived at the scene.

Upon further investigations and a search of the crime scene, the body of a second assailant was found just off the R550 towards Klipriver.

The truck driver’s bravery has been the main topic in truckers’ social groups for the better part of the day. SA Truckers have shown a lot of support to their hero who turned the tables on the criminals tormenting them on the highways.

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It must be noted, however, that cases of hijackers posing as hitch-hikers are not uncommon. SA Trucker advises truck drivers to desist from picking up passengers. While today we have a hero who managed to fight and conquer, in majority of cases drivers end up being killed or injured.

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