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Listen | Driver sends out agonizing recording while being shot at

Please help find a driver who we suspect may have been hijacked or attacked by ATDF who we know don’t like foreigners.
We are not safe anymore on the road because of ATDF. One of our friends was shot at while driving near Ermelo.
He sent out an audio clip(attached) on our WhatsApp group saying he was being shot at by people whom he suspected to be ATDF members.
They tried to stop him but he refused then they started shooting at him. You can hear the gun sound when they shot at him, it’s scary.
Now the problem is that his phone just went dead, there is no response and we are not sure if he is alive or not.

“Guys I am in trouble, these guys from ATDF are driving behind me, they tried to stop me but I drove on I don’t know what they will do next
I refused to stop and eish!,
they shot me, they shot me.
They are shooting at my truck
They are shooting at me I don’t know what to do please help me guys, tell me what I should do I am 30km before Ermelo please help me

The audio is in Shona, so SA Trucker asked a Zim truck driver to translate it to confirm the allegations. SA Trucker can however not be held for an inaccuracies in the article. The views expressed therefore are that of the writer.

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