manline energy retrenchments

In a significant blow to Manline Energy, a subsidiary of Bakers SA Limited, the company has announced the layoff of 30 truck drivers following the loss of two major contracts.

Responding to inquiries from Tirisano Transport and Allied Workers Union (TASWU) regarding the retrenchments, Magretia Engelbrecht-Brown, General Manager of Human Capital on behalf of Manline Energy, revealed that the company lost contracts with Engen Langlaagte and Easi-Gas, resulting in the displacement of 30 drivers.

The company cited the unpredictability and unreliability of work as reasons for implementing a reduction in the ad hoc fleet.

Engelbrecht-Brown disclosed that although the initial number of potential retrenchments stood at 51, the company managed to retain 21 employees through successful negotiations with former clients.

TASWU proposed a restructuring plan involving a 3-weeks-on, 1-week-off schedule to mitigate job losses, but Manline Energy deemed the plan impractical due to legislative and client requirements.

Additionally, the union suggested terminating the employment contracts of foreign nationals, to which the company responded by pledging to verify the legal status of foreign employees while ensuring compliance with legal obligations.

Both parties reached an agreement to utilize a Last In, First Out (LIFO) selection criteria if alternative measures fail to prevent dismissals.

Manline Energy offered affected employees a Voluntary Severance Package – Here is why you should take it or not equivalent to 1.5 weeks’ pay for each completed year of service for those with less than 5 years of tenure.

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Furthermore, the company committed to exploring employment opportunities with former clients and extended the re-employment window to 18 months for affected personnel.

The announcement marks a challenging period for Manline Energy, as it navigates the aftermath of contract losses while striving to support impacted employees and maintain compliance with regulatory standards.