#N4TruckStrike | Truck Driver Shot During Altercation with Taxi Patrol Members

Komatipoort, N4 – A truck driver sustained a gunshot wound in a violent altercation with taxi patrol members as the #N4TruckStrike unfolded near Komatipoort on the N4 highway.

The ongoing strike has paralyzed traffic in the area, with truckers protesting the sluggish processing at the Lebombo border post, resulting in extensive queues.

Truck drivers, frustrated by the prolonged delays, contend that they have become easy targets for crime, including robbery and kidnapping, as criminals exploit the immobile queue.

Adding to their grievances, they claim that taxi patrol members have been intimidating them, accusing truckers of attempting to jump the line.

Speaking anonymously, one trucker revealed that the decision to strike was a culmination of mounting frustrations. “We have been contemplating this for a long time but never agreed on how and when to strike. The delays last night were the final push for us to act,” he said, emphasizing that striking was the only way to make authorities acknowledge their concerns.

The truckers argue that they are unfairly blamed for the chaos at the border, asserting that it is the responsibility of the authorities to expedite the processing of passage. “They are responsible for the queues, crimes against us as truckers, and the bullying tactics of taxi associations. They should process us fast and see if there will be any queues to jump,” the trucker added.

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As the strike unfolded on Friday morning, tensions escalated when taxi patrol members attempted to prevent the trucks from blocking the highway, resulting in a violent confrontation.

During the altercation, a truck driver was shot and injured.

Despite police officials addressing the truck drivers and urging them to clear the roads, the protesting truckers have refused to budge.

They insist that they will only disperse once positive feedback is received from border control authorities, underscoring their demand for expedited processing to alleviate the lengthy queues.

The situation remains tense, with law enforcement officials working to defuse the standoff between the striking truckers and the authorities.

Authorities are yet to comment on the incident or provide assurances to the truckers regarding their concerns.

The #N4TruckStrike continues to disrupt traffic in the region, drawing attention to the longstanding issues faced by truckers at border crossings.