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Over R2 Increase for Diesel Prices Predicted for September

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South African motorists are bracing themselves for an impending surge in fuel prices next month, as revealed by the latest unaudited mid-month fuel data released by the Central Energy Fund (CEF).

The data paints a grim picture for consumers already grappling with economic strains.

Based on the current data analysis, Unleaded Petrol 95 (ULP95) is poised to witness a substantial spike of approximately R1.39 per litre, while the regular Unleaded Petrol 93 (ULP93) is expected to experience an increase of R1.36 per litre.

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These price hikes are expected to inflict added pressure on motorists, amplifying the financial burden of daily commuting.

The blow, however, strikes even harder for owners of diesel-powered vehicles.

The cost of 0.05% sulphur diesel is projected to surge by a staggering R2.60 per litre, while the 0.005% sulphur variant could see an additional R2.59 per litre tacked onto its price tag.

These considerable increments are attributed to a tandem effect – a depreciating rand value coupled with escalating international oil prices.

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The convergence of these two economic factors is poised to disrupt household budgets and exacerbate the financial strain already experienced by the nation’s consumers.

With South Africa’s economy navigating through challenging waters, these impending fuel price hikes could exacerbate the burden on already cash-strapped individuals and families.

It is essential to underscore that while these projections provide insight into the potential fuel price adjustments, they are not yet etched in stone.

The Department of Energy is slated to finalize and announce the official changes at the commencement of next month, which could potentially modify the extent of these price fluctuations.

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However, regardless of the exact figures, the trajectory is alarming, and motorists are urged to brace themselves for a substantial financial hit at the pump.

As the calendar inches closer to September 6, it becomes increasingly evident that South African motorists will be faced with the reality of forking out a significantly larger sum for all grades of fuel.

With the specter of rising fuel prices looming on the horizon, prudent financial planning and economizing strategies will undoubtedly become the need of the hour for individuals and businesses alike.

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