Trucks Violating Rules at Lebombo Border to be Impounded, Fined up to R8000 - MEC Vusi Shongwe

In response to the persistent challenge of truck congestion at the Lebombo Border Gate, Mpumalanga’s MEC for Community Safety, Security, and Liaison, Vusi Shongwe, has met with various stakeholders to develop effective solutions.

The outcome of these deliberations promises not only relief for the current congestion but also a potential blueprint for addressing similar issues in the future.

Recently, there have been several reports of violent attacks on truck drivers by Taxi Association Patrol members self-deployed to try to maintain order on the N4 at Komatipoort. Truck drivers are accused of jumping the queue ending up forming more than one line which then causes road blockages.

The taxi operators complained that the truck drivers’ recklessness was costing them business so they jumped in to try and control movement of trucks.

MEC Shongwe met with a diverse array of stakeholders, including representatives from the Provincial Traffic law enforcement, Border Management Agency (BMA), and the police, Shongwe sought to address the truck congestion challenge that has long plagued the border area.

Following productive discussions, a comprehensive plan was hatched to alleviate the congestion and improve the overall flow of traffic.

Trucks Violating Rules at Lebombo Border to be Impounded, Fined up to R8000 - MEC Vusi Shongwe

Effective from Wednesday, 16 August 2023, a night shift initiative will be implemented, involving Provincial Traffic law enforcement, BMA personnel, and the police. This innovative pilot project is set to span a duration of two weeks, during which its efficacy will be closely monitored and evaluated.

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The MEC acknowledged the need for sustainable funding for the night shift initiative, vowing to explore additional budgetary allocations to ensure its continuity. Furthermore, plans are in motion to introduce a third shift for traffic officers, signaling a dedication to tackling the issue at its core.

The government is also addressing the challenge from an infrastructure perspective. Urgent steps are being taken to establish a designated truck stop, a move anticipated to greatly contribute to the reduction of congestion and enhance the smooth flow of vehicular movement. This undertaking underscores the commitment of Mpumalanga’s administration to a holistic approach in resolving the complex issue.

Emphasizing the importance of adherence to road safety regulations, MEC Shongwe announced stern measures aimed at deterring reckless behavior by truck drivers.

Those who violate the rules of the road will not only face the possibility of having their trucks impounded but also substantial fines, potentially amounting to R8000. This announcement underscores the seriousness with which the authorities are approaching road safety and the promotion of responsible driving practices.

The culmination of these efforts represents a commendable synergy between government authorities, law enforcement agencies, and industry stakeholders. As this proactive approach takes shape, all eyes are on September when the effectiveness of the night shift initiative will be reviewed.

The success of this endeavour could potentially mark a turning point in the ongoing struggle to mitigate truck congestion at the Lebombo Border Gate, setting a precedent for collaborative problem-solving in the realm of cross-border trade and transportation.

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