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Pics: Driver escapes being crashed to death as steel coil flattens his cab in Durban

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A truck driver is lucky to be alive after a steel coil fell off a crane and crashed his truck cab instantly flattening it at Maydon Warf harbour in Durban this Saturday afternoon.

“He was just about to go back into the truck when the freak accident happened,” a source who witnessed the incident told SA Trucker.

“I was two trucks behind the truck watching as the crane unloaded the ship straight onto the truck when I saw the chain snap causing the big steel coil to come crashing down onto the trailer,” the source told SA Trucker.

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He added that the driver was not injured as he stood away from the truck when it was loading which is the standard safety procedure.

Watch: Truck driver escapes death after ploughing truck into the sea at Durban Harbour

From the pictures seen by SA Trucker, the truck driver would not have had a chance to survive had he been inside the truck when the incident occurred.

The cab can be seen in the pictures that it was completely destroyed.

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Coil falls onto truck

Truck crashed by coil

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