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Pics: N3 Freeway Closed at Van Reenen Pass Due to Multiple Truck Crash

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Van Reenen Pass — The N3 freeway has been shut down at the top of Van Reenen Pass due to a serious collision that happened early this Sunday morning, October 22, 2023.

The incident involved five articulated trucks resulting in the complete closure of the highway.

The accident occurred shortly before 6:00 AM, causing widespread disruption and concern for commuters in the area.

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The N3 Toll concession took to social media to issue a tweet confirming the extensive closure of the roadway.

Despite the intensity of the collision, there is a silver lining to this incident.

n3 truck crash van reenen

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According to Emer-G-Med (Pty) Ltd, the medical response team that quickly arrived at the scene, there were no reported injuries.

Watch: N3 closed near Van Reenen Pass following truck crash

van reenen truck crash

This fortunate outcome is a relief, considering the scale of the accident and the potential for severe harm.

However, the roadway remains impassable, and traffic has been severely affected by the closure.

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Authorities are actively working to clear the wreckage and reopen the N3, but the duration of the closure remains uncertain.

Motorists are advised to stay updated on the situation and heed traffic alerts from local authorities.

Pics: N3 Freeway Closed at Van Reenen Pass Due to Multiple Truck Crash IMG 20231022 WA0073 e1697953539746

Those planning to travel on the N3 in this area are encouraged to consider alternative routes to minimize delays and avoid the affected section of the freeway.

“There is also a diesel spill which must be cleaned before the road can be safely reopened to traffic. All traffic is currently being stacked at both closure points,” said Anita Heyl, spokesperson for N3 Toll Concession.

She said, light rain in the area was also contributing to difficult driving conditions.

Road users are advised to approach the area with caution.

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