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Popular Trucker YouTuber Andries Sekokotla’s Instagram account hijacked

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Andries ‘Drigo’ Sekokotla has asked his followers to be careful of spam messages being sent from his Instagram account @andries__fitest_truckdriver after it was hijacked by scammers.

SA Trucker raised a red flag after receiving messages from the account belonging to the ‘fittest truck driver in SA’. The scammer tried to lure SA Trucker into signing into Instagram from a weird link so that they could vote for him in a non-existent competition. When this reporter tried to verify if it was indeed Drigo, the scammer just went silent prompting him to contact him.

He confirmed that his account was hacked and he no longer has access to it.

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He has asked his followers to report the account so that it can be blocked.

Andries commands a massive following on Youtube where he shares free driving lessons. It would be easy for other users to fall for this scammer’s trick and also lose their accounts.

The scammer’s first message was,

“Hey 👋 I’m sorry to show up in your Dms unannounced, pls I’m contesting for an ambassadorship spot at an Instagram influencers wildlife program, and I need as much votes as I can get so I can win this, I would really appreciate it if you could vote for me?”

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The scammer went on to ask for our number so they could send the voting link – first red flag (why couldn’t he just send the link on the chat?”

He then said that Instagram would send me the voting link.

“Instagram will send you your entry link all you need to do is don’t click on it yet screenshot it send it to me and I’ll send it to my sponsor immediately thanks for your help I really appreciate thanks after I win I will send you something,” scammer.

This reporter was convinced that it wasn’t Andries and asked him to verify his nickname and the company he works which made him to went silent.

Check the chat below:

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Andries Drigo Sekokotla

andries drigo sekokotla

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