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Serco Introduces Smart Trailers Making Transport More Efficient

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Truck and trailer body building company Serco has introduced a smart trailer system developed in partnership with South African technology specialists Ikhaya Automation.

The smart trailer has real-time onboard weighing making it possible for operators to identify axle overloads right at the loading point. This innovation will go a long way to prevent possible fines and delays at weigh stations.

The smart system sends an alarm when axle limits have been exceeded, enabling adjustments to be made. This system will be more useful especially at loading points where there is no weigh bridge. It is also a plus even where a weighbridge is available as it will work as confirmation of the smart trailer reading.

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Integrating with the trailer’s EBS system, the Serco smart trailer records mileage and sends alerts when the vehicle is due to be serviced.

The smart trailer also monitors supply air pressure to the braking system, leaks and damaged airbags and detects leaks, contributing to a safe and efficient running trailer.

Door opening sensors and temperature probes can be added and these integrate with auxiliary systems such as tyre pressure monitoring and GPS tracking to enhance the performance of a transporter’s fleet management system.

Ensuring a trailer is running optimally using smart technology helps reduce running costs and minimise breakdowns while improving vehicle safety.

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