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Tanker Driver Equally Reckless to Overtaking Truck Driver in Recent Video: Here’s How

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Skhumbuzo Masiko
Skhumbuzo Masikohttps://satrucker.co.za/
Skhumbuzo Masiko is a professional trucker and story producer with over 5 years of experience.

In a recent video captured somewhere on a South African highway, a concerning scene unfolded: a truck towing a flatbed trailer dangerously overtaking a tanker truck.

The footage depicts a series of risky manoeuvres, with both vehicles nearly colliding as they jostle for space on the road.

As an authority in the trucking industry, SA Trucker takes a closer look at the actions of all involved to understand how this situation could have been avoided and what lessons can be learned.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to address the issue of reckless driving. The behaviour displayed by the overtaking driver is simply unacceptable, especially for someone in a professional capacity.

Despite clear markings indicating that overtaking would soon be impermissible, the driver persists in their attempt, even crossing a continuous white line—a blatant violation of road rules.

The tanker driver, unfortunately, is not without fault either. Instead of taking proactive measures to mitigate the danger posed by reckless overtaking, they maintain their speed, exacerbating the risk of a collision.

Furthermore, the tanker driver fails to manoeuvre to the left to create space for the overtaking vehicle—a move that could have potentially avoided the dangerous situation altogether.

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A commendable mention goes to the tautliner driver travelling behind the overtaking truck.

Demonstrating sound judgment and defensive driving skills, they leave ample room for the tanker to slow down, minimizing disruption to traffic flow. Their actions serve as a stark contrast to the recklessness displayed by the other drivers involved.

This incident underscores a concerning reality: the lack of emphasis on defensive driving skills among truck drivers in South Africa.

Unlike in some other countries where passing a defensive driving course is a prerequisite for obtaining a professional driver’s license, such requirements are notably absent in South Africa.

This glaring gap in training leaves motorists vulnerable to the dangers posed by reckless drivers.

SA Trucker laments the fact that, despite the prevalence of road carnage caused by reckless driving, the Department of Transport has yet to address the issue adequately.

It’s high time for authorities to recognize that true professionalism in the trucking industry goes beyond possessing a Professional Driving Permit (PDP).

Defensive driving skills must be prioritized and integrated into driver training programs to ensure the safety of all road users.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for a paradigm shift in the trucking industry. Reckless driving cannot be tolerated, and defensive driving skills must be prioritized to mitigate the risks posed by irresponsible behaviour on the roads. It’s time for action to ensure safer roads for all.

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