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Watch: Side Tipper’s Reckless Overtake Sparks Horrific Collision with Car and Truck

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A shocking video capturing a perilous overtaking maneouvre by a side tipper truck has emerged online, culminating in a devastating collision involving a car and another side tipper truck.

The footage, captured by a driver trailing behind the two trucks, depicts one side tipper recklessly attempting to overtake another, even as a Volkswagen Polo approaches from the opposite direction on the narrow road.

In a desperate bid to avoid the impending catastrophe, the truck in front swerves sharply to the left, narrowly escaping the collision.

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However, the overtaking truck fails to evade the oncoming Polo, resulting in a violent impact.

Following the collision, the overtaking truck loses control, veering off the road and crashing onto the left side.

During the video, voices in the background can be heard expressing concern and seemingly predicting the inevitable outcome, indicating that the reckless behaviour of the truck driver was observed prior to the accident.

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The harrowing incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by reckless driving and the importance of adhering to traffic regulations to prevent tragic consequences.

Watch the video here to witness the gravity of the situation firsthand.

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