Most categories of aggravated robbery have increased, with truck hijackings seeing the biggest rise of 29.1%, according to the crime statistics for the 2016/17 period.

There were 288 more truck hijackings in this period, pushing up the number to 1 279 compared with 2015/16. Car hijackings increased by 14.2%, the second-biggest increase in this category.

There were 12 773 carjackings reported in the 2016/17, compared with 11 180 in the previous reporting year. Robberies at residential premises increased by 5.2%.

In the 2015/16 period, there were 19 284 home robberies. This increased by 997 to 20 281 in the 2016/17 period. Robbery of non-residential premises increased by 3.2% from 18 573 in 2015/16 to 19 170 in 2016/17.

Robbery of cash-in-transit vehicles and bank robberies decreased from 145 to 119 – by 17.9% – in 2016/17. There were four fewer bank robberies in the 2016/17 year compared with the previous year, bringing the number down from 21 to 17

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