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UD Trucks keeps it’s brand promise with launch of Croner truck

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UD Trucks keeps it’s brand promise with launch of Croner truck Krono 1UD Trucks Southern African has launched its new fleet of trucks, the Croner, which features 13 variants and 21 customisable configurations for the transport, mining and construction industry.

Named after ‘Kronos’, the god of time in Greek mythology, Croner sticks to the ‘going the extra mile’ brand promise, by delivering a truck designed and engineered to help customers ultimately save time and money.

“We believe that the more our trucks spends on the road and less in the workshop, goes a long way in adding up to the success of a business,” said Gert Swanepoel, managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa.

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“With longer service intervals, Croner is specifically designed to save time. This is achieved through smart aftersales support, continued driver training, and accessible parts to ensure faster turnaround times. The trucks makes every moment count on every run operators make,” continued Swanepoel.UD Trucks keeps it’s brand promise with launch of Croner truck 2017 0301 11352800

The range features three gross vehicle mass (GVM) models from 9.5 to 17 tonnes, with flexibility in everything from GVM and wheelbase choices to cab, driveline, axle, and suspension.

“Croner is a highly versatile truck thanks to the design of the cab and chassis. This makes it an ideal truck for operators to easily manoeuvre through challenging routes or spaces – allowing it to go to every corner – covering more ground, and making every moment count,” said Swanepoel.

Its ease of operation is due to the automatic transmission available for all the models for improved ease of use, safety and less driver workload.  It quickly and automatically chooses the right gear position.

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“All our models are equipped with a built-in fuel coach, an onboard solution clearly displayed at the centre of the instrument cluster, giving instructions in real time,” added Toshi Odawara, vice president of product management, UD Trucks. “It’s one of UD Trucks’ most fuel-efficient trucks ever, utilising the fuel needed efficiently without waste.”

The range will be assembled at the company’s plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria, and will be introduced to other markets in the region during the next year.

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