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Trucking Community Demands Action After Driver is Brutally Killed by Hijackers in Gauteng

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The trucking community in South Africa is expressing its outrage after pictures circulated online of a truck driver who was allegedly killed by hijackers in Gauteng.

The driver was reportedly transporting high-value goods to a warehouse in Crown Mines when he was attacked.

The truck was later discovered abandoned in Soweto with the cargo missing, while the driver was found deceased with masking tape wrapped around his head.

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The motive for the brutal killing remains unknown.

Trucking Community Demands Action After Driver is Brutally Killed by Hijackers in Gauteng
The truck was recovered in Soweto but the cargo was missing. Photo supplied

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SA Trucker reached out to the company that owns the truck, but they declined to comment on the matter.

Truck drivers across the country are now calling for more police presence on the highways to help combat hijackings.

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Many are pointing to this incident as evidence that more needs to be done to protect drivers who are simply trying to do their part in keeping the economy moving while also providing for their families.

The trucking industry is a critical part of the South African economy, and the safety of its drivers is paramount. The recent killing has once again highlighted the dangers that truck drivers face on a daily basis, and the urgent need for action to be taken to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

On social media, where the pictures have gone viral, users have also called trucking companies to do more to ensure their drivers’ safety.

One user wrote, “Trucking companies need too take this thing seriously they need to work together to use a big security that escort trucks man shame my condolences too the family on there lose eish”

Another user lamented why they killed the driver, “They shld have taken the truck and evythng else. But not his life like that. Come one. It’s time to allow truckers to own deadly fire power. These people are our economy runners. , they need protection.”

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“So our brothers,fathers and uncles deserve this just for keeping food on the table for their loved ones,do hijackers really know how important truckers are,this is so heartless why not take load and leave him alone mxm😡,” wrote another one.

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