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Tyre Shoots Off Truck, Hits and Kills Young Zimbabwean Medical Doctor

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A 30-year-old Zimbabwean medical doctor has been killed in a freak accident when he was hit by a runaway truck tyre killing him on the spot near Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe.

Dr. Tinotenda Madzima, who was serving at the Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital, lost his life in the accident on the morning of January 3, 2024.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the national spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), confirmed this unfortunate occurrence.

“The accident happened along the Harare-Chirundu Road, approximately 116 kilometers from Harare. Dr. Madzima was walking along the road when a wheel, dislodged from a Scania haulage truck heading towards Harare, struck him from behind. Tragically, the young doctor died instantly at the scene.” confirmed Nyathi

This incident is not an isolated case but follows a similar accident that occurred just days earlier.

A police officer from the Marondera traffic section, identified as Constable Mirongo, also fell victim to a detached wheel from a passing haulage truck’s trailer.

The officer was fatally struck at the 51-kilometer mark along the Harare-Mutare Road and died on the spot.

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These consecutive tragedies bring to light the dire need for enhanced road safety measures and the responsibility of truck operators to ensure their vehicles are properly maintained.

The loss of Dr. Tinotenda Madzima, a promising medical professional, and Constable Mirongo, a dedicated law enforcement officer, serves as a somber reminder to all truckers and the trucking community about the potential hazards of neglecting vehicle maintenance.

As truckers, it is crucial to regularly inspect our vehicles, particularly the integrity of wheels and attachments, to prevent such catastrophic incidents.

The safety of not only the truck operators but also of fellow road users must be a paramount concern.

The trucking community is urged to take these incidents as a wake-up call to uphold the highest standards of road safety and vehicle maintenance.

In memory of Dr. Madzima and Constable Mirongo, SA Trucker encourages transporters to commit to making our roads safer for everyone.

Their untimely deaths should not be in vain but rather a catalyst for positive change in our approach to road safety and truck maintenance.

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