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Watch: CCTV Captures Trucker’s Death-Defying Skill in Runaway Truck Drama

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CCTV has captured a heart-stopping moment when a quick-thinking truck driver displayed extraordinary skill in halting a runaway truck, avoiding a potential disaster.

Lacking an arrestor bed, the driver’s resourcefulness was key in this nail-biting incident.

The dramatic footage reveals the truck’s harrowing journey.

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Initially, the truck is seen making a perilous cut across a busy highway, colliding with a sedan.

Miraculously, it narrowly misses other vehicles, weaving dangerously out of control.

In a subsequent clip below, the truck careens into a logistics warehouse area, where several trucks are parked.

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Cornered and with limited options, the driver executes a daring 360-degree turn, attempting to dissipate the vehicle’s momentum.

Amidst this maneuovre, a front loader machine, perched precariously on the trailer, topples off sideways.

Watch: Truck driver falls to his death while trying to stop runaway truck in Pinetown

Remarkably, initial reports indicate no fatalities or serious injuries, despite the chaotic scene.

The sole casualties were the truck’s cargo, the sedan and an unfortunately placed truck in the warehouse area.

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SA Trucker will provide updates on this story as more information becomes available.

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