Watch: Alleged taxi mafia gangs, whose taxis were impounded, wreak havoc in Cape Town

Long queues of vehicles could be seen lining up Cape Town highways leaving people stuck in traffic from early this morning following a violent protest allegedly by taxi mafia gangs whose vehicles were impounded on Thursday.

“Our traffic officers have effected road closures at Klipfontein and Borcherds Quarry, Duinefontein, Govan Mbeki and New Eisleben roads,” said Kevin Jacobs of Cape Town Traffic Services.

He said incidents have also been reported at the intersections of Sheffield and Eisleben. “Motorists are requested to proceed with caution and seek alternative routes. The R300, northbound before the N2, is affected by incidents of public violence. Motorists are advised to seek alternatives.”

A bus has been set alight near the R300 near the N2 off-ramp.

Nyanga and Phillipi townships were no-go areas as the gangs allegedly burned a police van and a daycare clinic.

Last month, three Golden Arrow buses were torched after taxis were impounded.

Golden Arrow spokesperson, Bronwen Dyke-Beyer, said the incidents took place before 10am at the Nyanga bus terminus and in Philippi.

She said three buses were petrol bombed on Govan Mbeki and Emms Drive and a fourth bus was set alight on Eisleben and Sheffield.

A City of Cape Town vehicle was also gutted during this alleged retaliation by those in the taxi industry.

We will NOT be intimidated by Taxi-Terrorists! We do not bend to mafia-style threats.

If you know someone, that’s knows someone, that knows one of the illegal taxi operators, please get this message to them.

We will continue impounding taxis. We will not stop until we have no more space. And then we fill find some more space.

Dear Taxi-Terrorist. This is Cape Town. You had better become used to the change.

JP Smith