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Watch: Angry trucker sets rig on fire after alleging it cut him

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How would you react when another truck passes you on a highway and you don’t like it?

As professional truckers, you will be surprised I even asked. A trucker should never dislike being overtaken unless if he is racing.

This Mexican trucker, however, did not like that another rig passed and cut him on an unnamed interstate in the US, when he eventually caught up with the trucker at a gas station, he set the rig alight while someone filmed.

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You must be thinking it’s a joke. Well, you are not alone, comments on the video on social media suggest that many truckers are finding it difficult to believe that a professional trucker would risk his CDL so carelessly.

The trucker faces arson charges and will definitely lose his CDL.

Generally, there are some understandable or rather debatable ways one may react in a fit of rage and how this trucker reacted is very far away from such.

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Here is what the trucker said, losely translated from Mexican.

Camera man – 0:01 que haces compadre?
(What are you doing my friend?)

Arsonist trucker – 0:04 voy a quemar el camión por qué me rebasó (I’m going to burn this truck because he cut me off)

He says this while sprinkling some gasoline in the rig.

Utterly shocked, the camera man asks – 0:06 No, no seas Mamón mi compadre
(No don’t be an idiot my friend, but its more like [Woah dude, your fucxxxx crazy man! Don’t do that shit or “woah cocxxxxxxx!”)

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Camera man – 0:17 porque los vas hacer?! (WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?) His voice sounds as he is genuinely concerned for his own sanity. Also because he wants it to be clear for the cameras audio.

Arsonist trucker responds: (because he cut me off, so for being an idiot. I’m going to burn the fxxx out of this shit.)

At 1:36, he continues to say –
“pa que se le quité” which means
” that will get rid of that pesky habit ” or in other words “that’ll teach him”

In a serious undertone he says, “Pass me a lighter?” but immediately remembers his manners and instantly follows up with “if you would be so kind.”

The camera man gives him the lighter and he ignites the rig. The flames from the gasoline almost engulf him but the video ends before that could be clear enough.

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Watch the video below:

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