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Watch: Dashcam captures trucker using cellphone while driving, crash at 79km/h

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Driving distracted is a major cause of serious road crashes on South African roads. If it’s not for dashboard cameras, evidence is not easily obtainable as the culprit may not live to tell their story.

This video will help any truck driver or motorist who believes that using a cellphone while driving should never be done.

There are some people who only believe what their eyes have seen, exactly what this video provides.

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In the video, the trucker is travelling between 77-79km/h.

He peeps at the road for a second and focuses back onto the smartphone for five seconds.

At one time he even goes for about 10 seconds without peeping onto the road.

Disaster then strikes when a slow-moving ‘appears from nowhere’ in front of him with only a second to react.

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watch: the video below:

Editor’s note: Focusing on the road should be every driver’s primary concern, you can’t be peeping onto the road while focussing on something else. You will die, kill someone, get injured or injure someone

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