truck falls off bridge on N3 at lion's river

A truck driver has been injured after losing control of his articulated vehicle on the N3 southbound carriageway, resulting in a crash onto the Lion’s River bridge.

The accident occurred when the truck veered off the road, plummeted off the bridge, and collided with the pillars below.

Emergency services were quick to respond to the scene, where they found the driver requiring urgent medical attention.

Sources at the site reported that the driver had to be stretchered off the wreck after sustaining injuries in the crash.

A video obtained from a witness captured the intense moments as paramedics worked diligently to rescue the trapped truck driver from the mangled remains of the vehicle.

Watch | Tragedy Strikes Durban as Truck Falls Off Bridge, Lands on Packed Bus

The extent of the driver’s injuries remains unknown at this time, as emergency responders prioritized swift and efficient extraction from the accident site.

Paramedics are expected to provide updates on the driver’s condition once a thorough assessment has been conducted.

The accident has not caused any blockages to the freeway at the moment, however, motorists can expect delays when the wreckage is recovered at a later stage.

Further details about the cause of the accident and the condition of the truck driver will be provided as they become available.

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