side tipper flips trailer

In a shocking video captured on CCTV, a side tipper trucker appears to be in hot pursuit of a VW Polo, resulting in a high-speed corner manoeuvre that sends the back trailer flying off the combination.

The incident, which took place at a yet unidentified intersection, saw the rear trailer of the Mercedes Benz Actros side tipper interlink flip onto its left side and detach from the combination.

The footage begins with the unsuspecting VW Polo making a right turn at what seems to be a normal pace.

Following closely behind is a towering Mercedes Benz Actros hauling a side tipper interlink, maintaining a speed that matches the Polo’s.

However, instead of slowing down as it approaches the right turn, the side tipper truck takes the turn at an alarming speed, leading to catastrophic consequences.

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The rear trailer overturns onto the left side, forcefully detaching itself from the rest of the combination.

The reason behind the reckless manoeuvre is yet to be determined.

Watch the video below: