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Watch: Malawian Immigrant Trucker Dehumanized By Alleged ATDF-ASA Members

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Immigrants working as truck drivers in South Africa continue to live in fear of being attacked by their local counterparts who don’t want them to continue working in the country.

In the latest incident, some men believed to be members of the ATDF-ASA as reported on social media, attacked a Malawian immigrant truck driver.

The victim can be seen in the video, hands tied together with a rope behind his back.

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The tormenters kick him while searching his pockets.

One of them places a Malawian passport and three driving licence cards on his back claiming that he is using fake licences.

It’s not known when and where exactly the incident occurred.

KZN is notorious for such acts. Several such attacks have been witnessed in Richards Bay where foreign truck drivers were sjamboked on camera.

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