Tornado bethal

Residents of Bethal in Mpumalanga find themselves on edge as a video circulating on the Storm SA Facebook page depicts what appears to be a tornado near the area.

The unsettling footage has fuelled anxiety among communities, prompting questions about the potential threat to the region.

Earlier, a colossal hailstorm battered Bethal, leading to chaotic scenes on the R35 between Bethal and Morgenzon.

A video shared with SA Trucker, of the storm at approximately 14h00, captured the severity of the hailstorm, showcasing the road blanketed in ice.

Motorists faced challenging conditions, with traffic either coming to a standstill or inching along cautiously to navigate the slippery road surface.

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Concerns have surfaced on social media platforms, with users expressing worry about the lack of a tornado warning if the ominous funnel cloud turns out to be genuine.

Some voices, however, contested the tornado speculation, insisting that the striking visuals might not necessarily indicate a tornado.

As the community awaits further information and official updates, the unsettling weather event has undoubtedly left Bethal residents grappling with uncertainty and concern for their safety.