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Watch: Recovery truck recovering recovery truck also needs recovery truck

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Accept my apology if I made you read two or three times to try and understand what actually transpired here.

Maybe you ended up here because even after repeating you still failed to grasp what’s happening. Well, the video below gives a much better explanation to the statement.

What happened is, a truck broke down and was being recovered by a recovery truck. The recovery truck then also broke down. A second breakdown recovery truck had to be employed to recover the first two breakdowns.

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The second recovery truck then, also broke down, meaning another recovery truck was needed to recover it.

Counting the chain of recoveries would give you three trucks stuck together and need to be recovered. Now if you hear “Recovery truck recovering recovery truck also needs recovery truck” you will understand.

When I showed my friend the video he actually found a way to twist my tongue more.

He says it’s actually a recovery truck, recovering a recovery truck, recovering a truck needing a recovery truck.

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Now, would you try to picture what is being said here before watching the video? Ask a friend if they understand before watching the video.

Would love to hear in the comments what you think.

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