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Watch: Resourceful Truck Drivers Use Coke to Extinguish Burning Truck on N1

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In a remarkable display of quick thinking and resourcefulness, a group of truck drivers proved that sometimes unconventional methods can be the key to saving the day.

Rather than looting, which is a common sight on our roads, these heroes were on a mission to rescue a burning truck, and their secret weapon? Coca-Cola.

At the scene, bystanders might have initially misunderstood the situation, assuming the truck drivers were helping themselves to the cargo.

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However, their true intention was to safeguard the truck from destruction.

In an extraordinary turn of events, they decided to unload the shipment of Coca-Cola from the trailer and employ it as a fire-fighting agent, battling the flames two litres at a time.

A video captured by one of the truckers reveals their ingenious efforts.

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Some team members are seen using traditional fire extinguishers, while others grab 2-litre bottles from the pallets the truck was transporting, using them to douse the flames effectively.

In what can only be described as a “Mission Possible,” these dedicated truckers succeeded in extinguishing the fire, emerging as heroes who not only saved the precious cargo but also rescued the truck itself.

A resounding well done to these exceptional individuals for their quick and creative response to a challenging situation.

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